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UHP Water Jetting


The use of waterblasting equipment, with ultra-high pressure (UHP), has increased rapidly over the years.Waterblasting is a dust-free blasting method with very few environmental side effects. This method can also be used around delicate equipment such as bearings, controls and hydraulics without the need for protection. It also has the ecological advantage of eliminating the collection and disposal of blasting media and the technology enables work to be done in areas where conventional blasting methods would be impossible.

Waterblasting is ideally suited to sensitive areas as such as terminals, refineries and urban areas.


Waterblasting also has a very good cleaning effect. Apart from removing old coatings and rust, the ultra-high pressure also removes deeply-embedded crystallised salt, resulting in a notable reduction in the chloride levels on the surface.


Premator initiated the use of waterblasting some 20 years ago and can today offer a wide range of waterblasting solutions to suit our customers’ every need.

The major coating manufacturers have now recognised the benefits of waterblasting and they have developed a range of surface- tolerant primers and coatings that have been designed specially to adhere to waterblasted surfaces.